Hatherleigh Carnival

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Many, many years ago when I went to my first Hatherleigh Carnival I was bowled over by the raw, pagan energy. The town pulsed and throbbed with a force that was completely alien to me. The cold dark night, the glittering spangled floats, the bands, the fi ...read more

the death of a monarch

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Due to the interest you've shown in our white (luecistic and albino) red deer I thought it would be good to share a piece I wrote back in 2007 immediately following the death of our famous and legendary luecistic white monarch (affectionally known loc ...read more


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'Cr-r-ruck' the raven calls... It's late afternoon - I'm walking back from the New Land. The dogs skelter along  the top of the ridge. A thin north wind cuts through my overalls,  needles my face, waters my eyes. The patchwork countryside stretche ...read more