And finally… Wovember and #OneChange

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To round up this year's Wovember and Woolness and the Land, we took a closer look at #OneChange. This initiative asks all of us, as consumers, to make one change in our buying habits just once a year, and to use these small changes as occasions to lear more

Wovember and Yuli Somme

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Feet Felt “We’re going to wet patches of wool with soap and water, then you take it in turns to dress each others feet in layers of these patches. Then you put the bread bags over your feet and push them into your boots. Then we’re going to explo more

Heather Firby on founding ‘Woolly Minded’

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Woolly Minded
Next up is this excerpt from Wovember - Heather Firby on founding 'Woolly Minded'   The aim of Woolly Minded has always been to share the process of a garment from soil to shoulders, and for people to feel connected to how and where their knit more

Wool and Land Management

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While curating the week for Wovember on Woolness and the Land, it was important to highlight the need for growth and learning in relation to wool and land-management. Over to Rob Wolton – an experienced ecologist and environmentalist... Wool – goo more

Woolness and the Land: Foot and Mouth Crisis

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Wovember - foot and mouth
The next post we shared for Wovember looked in depth at the role of working with wool in the recovery of dealing with the horrors of foot and mouth. Sally Vergette explores the pain of the Foot and Mouth crisis of the early 00s, and the role that work more

My hands tell the story

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I have been farming for over four decades. The physical aspect of my farm work now is nowhere as great as it use to be. At the start of my farming career my family grew from zero to four very young children very fast, a herd of sixty five Jersey mil more
One Change
Numerous programmes and articles encourage us to go out and forage for edible fruits, fungi and so forth. We are led to believe this is food for free.   But it isn’t.  Every blackberry we take deprives a bird or dormouse of food, every mushroom we pi more

OneHutFull drives into the future!

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We are delighted to announce that OneHutFull will be officially launching the next phase of its amazing journey at this year’s Sheep Drive and Wool Fair in London. It started as a small idea…could a bright orange shepherd’s hut change the way we more

Hatherleigh Carnival

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Many, many years ago when I went to my first Hatherleigh Carnival I was bowled over by the raw, pagan energy. The town pulsed and throbbed with a force that was completely alien to me. The cold dark night, the glittering spangled floats, the bands, the fi more