one change

OneHutFull is tremendously excited about launching our #OneChange challenge. This marks the beginning of OneHutFull’s new path.

Our consumer habits and a demand for lower prices has diminished the true value of products. It’s time to reconnect with the source of our food and fabric.

OneHutFull is launching #OneChange to encourage individuals in the UK to make one small change, once a year. This could be anything from changing the way we buy garments or meat products or by simply being more curious about where our products come from.

Imagine, if everyone changed one small thing (which may become a regular thing!), the positive impact this could have on how livestock are farmed, how our land is managed and how products are manufactured…creating an environment that is sustainable and making our economy stronger.

What change can you make?

  • Start by being curious!
  • Ask more questions, look around for alternative products…
  • Go to a farmers’ market or local arts and crafts festival, support a local business
  • Sign up to OneHutFull and join our change-making community!


What #OneChange will you make this year?

OneHutFull’s mission is to inspire change in the cycle that connects our products and buying behaviour to our environment and how we manage our land.

Like a drop of ink in water, all these little changes can permeate through everything…

Share your #OneChange!